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Submitting an Article for the Journal
Submitting an article

If you wish to contribute an article please send an electronic copy by e-mail attachment to together with a 100 - 150 word abstract and between four to six keywords. Alternatively, you may post two clear copies of double-spaced typescript, abstract and keywords on computer diskette in .DOC or .RTF format to The BISFT Editorial Committee, 72 Norbury Crescent, London SW16 4LA.

Notes for Contributors
Contributors should supply their full contact details with e-mail addresses, if possible.  Manuscripts will normally be acknowledged within two weeks of receipt.  All notes and references should include full bibliographic details, following the style used in the journal.

Feminist Theology accepts articles with either footnotes or using the SAGE Harvard system of referencing.  If footnotes are used contributors are advised the accepted style is as follows:

First reference for a book: Daly M (1978) GynEcology. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 34-78.

First reference for an article: New C (1996) Man Bad-Woman Good?: Essentialism and Ecofemism. New Left Review 216: 79-93.

First reference to a chapter in a collected volume: Hayles K (1978) The Life Cycle of Cyborgs: Writing the Posthuman. In Rogers L, Hammerstein C (eds) The Cyborg Handbook. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 246-78 (265).

Subsequent references for each case should repeat the full referencing information.
Ibid and op. cit. are not acceptable.

If author-date style is used then the reference should appear at the appropriate point in the test as follows:  (Brown 1996:24).  Initials may be included to distinguish between authors with the same surname.  If this system is used a full bibliography should accompany the article, including full publication information as for the references above.

A combination of the two styles is not acceptable.

References to Greek, Latin or medieval authors (Augustine, Homer, Julian of Norwich) should cite references to the original text and NOT page numbers to the LCL translation or equivalent.

Authors are required to assign copyright to SAGE Publications, subject to retaining their right to reuse the material in other publications written or edited by themselves and due to be published at least one year after initial publication in the journal.  Accepted articles cannot be published in the absence of the signed copyright form.

Authors are sent proofs of their article and a final version PDF after issue publication.